With the Florida hurricane season just around the corner, now is the perfect time for homeowners to start getting ready. Being prepared, especially when it comes to your hurricane insurance in Florida, is the best way to recover from any hurricane damage that your home may experience. The better prepared you are now, the more comfortable you will feel later.

The hurricane season officially begins on June 1st each year, and as the months go on the risks of hurricanes tend to ramp up. The season begins to peak in August, with September being the most active month for hurricanes each year. May should be a month every year that homeowners take some time to make sure they are prepared for the season.

Here are 5 ways for Florida homeowners to get ready for hurricane season:

  1. Check your homeowners insurance. Now is the time to evaluate your homeowners insurance to verify what your hurricane coverage is. It’s also the best time to get some quotes to find better rates and options. This is something we can help with.
  2. Get a weather alert radio. This is something people tend to overlook, but the little radio can be life saving. Pick up a weather alert radio so that you know when hazardous weather is nearby.
  3. Have your window coverings ready. When people wait until the last minute for window coverings they spend hours in line to get plywood, followed by hours in the rain to get them up. Now is the time to get professional hurricane coverings, or get the plywood you will need.
  4. Fill your first aid kit. Your first aid kit should be stocked all year, but many people forget about it. Making it a habit to re-fill it every May is a good idea.
  5. Have your trees trimmed. When winds pick up it’s the falling tree branches and limbs that cause a lot of damage. May is an ideal time to have your trees trimmed.

Having these five things done during the month of May will put you in good shape for when hurricane season begins in June. Once the news says there is a hurricane threat in your area, then you can take further precautions by having the window coverings put up, getting necessary supplies from the store, and possibly evacuating.

At Webb Insurance Options, we can help you find the best hurricane insurance in Florida. Give us a couple of minutes of your time and we will get multiple hurricane insurance quotes in Florida, so that you can choose the most affordable rate, with the best coverage options.