Many people have heard of both manufactured homes and mobile homes, but they may not know the difference between the two. While there are some ways that they are similar, there are a few things that set them apart. There are a lot of manufactured homes in Florida, and those who have them will want to make sure they get the most affordable home insurance they can find.

Mobile homes are those that can be hooked up to a tow vehicle and can be towed away. They are similar to the travel trailers that people pull around to use for camping, although they may be larger and offer more amenities. Manufactured homes, on the other hand, are not homes that are going to be able to be towed around. They are produced in a factory and then put together on the property.

When manufactured homes are built the builder follows stricter HUD codes to ensure they are stronger, more durable, and of overall higher quality. Plus, they are built to standards to be able to use such traditional housing things as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, etc. Those who live in Florida who will be living in a manufactured home will need to obtain homeowners insurance.

You can find affordable homeowner’s insurance for manufactured homes. There are several factors that go into the rates you will be offered, including such things as:

  • Whether or not you have multiple policies with the company
  • If your manufactured home has a security system.
  • The age of your manufactured home, as well as your age (you may qualify for senior discounts).
  • Some homeowner’s insurance companies also take into consideration whether or not you are the original owner of the manufactured home.
  • Where you live in Florida will influence what the rate is on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

At Webb Insurance Options we have a mission of helping people find the most affordable homeowners insurance rates in Florida. We can help you find the right policy for your manufactured home. Take a moment to request a free quote and we will find you the most affordable rates, without compromising on coverage. We work with numerous companies around the state, making it possible for us to find the best rates, the best coverage, and the customer service you want in an insurance company.