Many Florida homeowners ask the same question when it comes to their homeowners insurance. They want to know if their homeowners insurance covers roof replacement. This is a great question and one that every homeowner in Florida should know the answer to. Not knowing whether or not your homeowners insurance covers a new roof could leave you shelling out a lot of money if something happens and your roof gets destroyed.

It’s better to know early on whether or not your homeowners insurance covers roof replacement. The best way to know is to take a look at your policy. The problem, however, is that policies can be confusing to many people, leaving them unsure of what the roof coverage is, even after they read it over. This is where a knowledgeable homeowner’s insurance agent is essential.

Prior to hurricane season starting is a great time to get a quote on your homeowner’s insurance plan. This way you will be prepared for hurricane season and will know what type of coverage your roof has in place. There are several options to consider, including having a policy where you pay one flat rate toward roof replacement, and there’s an option where you pay for a percentage of it based on the home’s value. The one you opt for is a personal decision and one that will make the most sense for your situation.

The average cost for roof replacement around the country is around $7,200. This is for a shingle roof, but that price can also vary, depending on the size of the home and the materials being used. Many roof replacement jobs cost well over $10,000. With such an expense it is always wise to see if it makes more sense to have a homeowner’s insurance in place that will cover roof replacement if it’s needed, especially if there has been a hurricane, accident, or other event that has lead to issues.

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