There are thousands of people who will get homeowners insurance cancelations in the coming weeks and months. While we don’t know yet who will be getting them and when, they are sure to arrive. While some have already been approved for axing, others will get the approval for cancelation soon. If you get a notice that your Florida homeowners insurance has been canceled, contact us, because we can help you find a new policy.


The Office of Insurance Regulation recently approved the Florida homeowner’s insurance cancelation of over 50,000 policies. These policies are largely believed to be the areas of Miami-Dade, Broward, and in the Orlando area metropolitan area. There are three homeowners insurance companies that hold the policies that are on the chopping block, which include Southern Fidelity Insurance Company, Gulfstream Property and Casualty, and Universal Insurance Company of North America.


The insurance companies were given the approval to cancel the policies by giving the customers a 45 day notice. The policies being canceled include residential homes and condos. Even if you haven’t received a cancelation and won’t receive one, you may be wondering why so many policies are being canceled. The reasons given for why the companies are seeking the approval to cancel the policies are because there has been a huge increase in the number of lawsuits, insurance fraud, and inflated damage claims.


While there have been over 50,000 Florida homeowners insurance policies that have been approved for canceling, it is expected that there will soon be more. Homeowner’s insurance providers in Florida have taken a heavy hit in recent years, due to hurricanes and the fraud issues, and as a result they are looking to cancel policies that they feel are not worth the risk.


If you have received a cancelation notice, contact us for a free quote. We will get the rates from several companies so that we can help you find the most affordable rate, as well as a policy that will meet all of your coverage needs. In addition to all of the Florida homeowners insurance rate cancelations, millions of people are seeing their rates increase. If your rate has increased we can also help you find a more affordable one, without compromising on coverage options.


At Webb Insurance Options we make it our business to help people find the most affordable Florida homeowners insurance rates. Contact us today so you can compare your rate to the best one we can find.