Many people in Florida are getting notices from their homeowners insurance company that their rate is going up. The problem is that it’s often going up a lot! Some people may be comfortable just increasing their check to the company, but it leaves many others to wonder how much is homeowners insurance in Florida?

If you are asking yourself this question lately then there’s a good chance that you have received one of those mighty rate increases. Either that or you are curious about the going rates, or you could be one of the thousands who have moved to the state in recent months. Either way, it’s good know about Florida homeowners insurance rates.

When someone asks how much homeowners insurance is in Florida there is no one answer that can be given. Rates vary from one house to the next, as well as from one homeowners insurance company to the next. There are various factors that impact the rate that each homeowner will pay for insurance.

Some of the factors that may impact how much you pay for homeowners insurance in Florida include:

  • Property location, age and value
  • The homeowners insurance company you choose
  • What type of deductible you go with
  • Your homeowners insurance claims history
  • Whether or not you have a swimming pool
  • The condition of your roof
  • Your marital status
  • Specific dog breeds that you may have
  • Insurance score or credit score

Each of these factors, as well as some others, may play a role in how much homeowners insurance is in Florida. This is the reason why your insurance rate isn’t likely to be the same as your next door neighbor’s rate. It’s not likely that you both have the same factors that would lead to identical rates.

How you can save money on how much your homeowners insurance is in Florida is by getting an annual quote. This is the best way to be able to compare and see if you could have a better rate or if the one you have is competitive. At Webb Insurance Options, we routinely help people compare homeowners insurance rates, as well as find a more affordable one.

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