Living through a hurricane can be a frightening ordeal. Whether you’re able to stay home and ride out the storm or forced to evacuate, there are certain steps you can take beforehand to attempt to minimize damage to your home. Webb Insurance Options 2022 Hurricane Guide will provide all the information you need to know whether you decide to ride out the storm or evacuate. Our guide includes hurricane categories, how to stay home during a storm, emergency contact information, a checklist for hurricane preparedness, and so much more!

In a state where storm damage is almost an inevitability, Webb Insurance Options is proud to provide homeowners with the highest quality home insurance protection services available. Here are some important things you should do now to ensure that you’re ready when disaster strikes:

  1. If available, check your generator
  2. Bring all outdoor items like grills, trash cans, lawn decor, patio furniture, and so on into your garage or basement
  3. Clear your gutters and drains from debris, so water can properly be shed from your home
  4. Purchase storm shutters in advance
  5. Make an inventory of all the valuable items in your home
  6. Know your property facts (i.e., what is the elevation of your property?)
  7. Plan your evacuation route.
  8. Put together an emergency kit
  9. Have your Homeowners Insurance policy where you access it to be able to contact Webb Insurance Options or your insurance company directly to report any damages.