Getting auto insurance for new drivers in Florida can be a little intimidating for some people. New drivers, whether they are teenagers or immigrants, will need to make sure they are covered on an insurance policy if they intend to get behind the wheel. When many parents see the insurance rates for new drivers it tends to be a shock.

Even if you have had your Florida auto insurance policy with the same company for a long time, you may be in for shock when it comes to adding your teen to the policy. A teen driver has very little driving experience, so they are seen as a higher risk. This is going to cause the insurance rate to be higher, too.

Insuring a teen driver can be quite costly, but that doesn’t mean you have to just pay it without question. There are things you can do to help find a cheaper insurance rate for new drivers in Florida, including:

  • Shopping around for the best rates. If you simply add your teen to your current policy you probably won’t be getting the best deal. It’s a good idea to at least compare with other companies to see if the rate you are given is competitive, or if you could save by making a quick switch.
  • Discuss with your teen about the importance of maintaining a clean driving record. Share with them how getting citations can increase their insurance rates, and possibly lead to a loss of driving privileges.
  • Consider having your teen drive an older vehicle that is cheaper. Older vehicles will be cheaper to insure than newer ones. The rates vary according to the type of vehicle they will be driving.
  • Inquire about discounts that you may apply for. Many companies offer discounts on insurance rates for new drivers, including for getting good grades and for taking driver’s training classes.

At Webb Insurance Options we can help you find the cheapest insurance rates for new drivers in Florida. Our mission is to compare rates across multiple companies and present you with the most affordable option that provides you with the coverage you need.

When you give us a couple of minutes of your time, we will help you compare rates and match you with the right insurance provider. We have helped many people find cheap auto insurance in Florida, and we can help you, too! Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.