Following the pandemic closures, Florida has become a hotbed of new residents. It’s leading the nation in being the place that people are relocating to from around the nation. During a one year period through April 2021, the state had over 329,000 new residents. Many of these people are purchasing homes and will need homeowner’s insurance policies to go along with them. It’s important to know what to look for in a Florida homeowner’s insurance policy.


Florida is a bit different than many of the states where people relocated from. The state has a hurricane season each year and does get hit with damaging hurricanes from time to time. That makes it important to ensure that the home you purchase has the homeowners insurance in place that you need if something were to happen.


Here are some things to look for in homeowners insurance in Florida:


  • What will your policy cover? This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s not so straight forward. You have to know exactly what it will and will not cover, including things like hurricane damage, flooding, dog bites, etc.
  • Do you need additional flood coverage? Some homeowner’s insurance policies require that you have a separate flood insurance policy. A home may sustain damage from a hurricane, but if it’s the flooding that wreaks havoc then your home may not be covered. In Florida, you have to know if you need flood insurance and make sure that it’s in place prior to hurricane season arriving.
  • What will your deductible be? If a hurricane damages your roof, for example, what will you are paying out of pocket to have a new roof put on? Some people pay a percentage, while others pay a flat rate deductible. This can be the difference in shelling out $7,000 for a new roof or $500.
  • What will your policy rate be? The amount that people pay for homeowners insurance in Florida is all over the board. Rates continue to increase for many homeowners, making it that much more important to get quotes on a yearly basis. The only way to know if you could be paying less is to get an annual quote comparison done.


You also want to make sure that what you look for in homeowners insurance in Florida is an agent who will take the time to answer your questions. At Webb Insurance Options, that’s exactly what we do. We compare rates across numerous companies in order to find you the most affordable homeowners insurance in Florida, and we ensure that you are not compromising on coverage.


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