There are many people every week who search to try and find out what the average car insurance in Florida is at any given time. The problem is that number that comes up doesn’t mean that is what you will pay. Everyone’s Florida automobile insurance rate varies, because not everyone has the same factors that go into determining the rate you will pay. The important number isn’t what the average insurance is, but what the best rate is that you can get. A great average rate means nothing if you can’t get it, or if you can beat it.

There are numerous factors that affect your insurance rates, which will have an impact on the overall average car insurance in Florida. Here are the top five things that will have an impact on your Florida automobile insurance rates:

  1. Where you live. Your zip code has a lot to do with how much your insurance rate will be. Some zip codes are more prone to crime, accidents, vehicle break-ins and theft, and other issues, which can raise the rates.
  2. Personal factors. Such factors as your gender, age, and marital status can influence your insurance rate. Teen boys, for example, tend to pay higher rates than those who are middle age.
  3. Your driving history.  Whether or not you have had tickets or accidents is going to play a role in how much you pay for your insurance. Your driving record will show if you are considered a higher driving risk. A good driving record should save you some money.
  4. Vehicle information. Some vehicles are more prone to being stolen than others. If you have one of the vehicles that fall into that category, you may spend more on your insurance. Plus, the value of your vehicle will make a difference.
  5. Credit scores. Not all Florida automobile insurance providers look at credit scores, but for the ones that do a poor score can mean a higher rate. A good score may save you some money on your premiums.

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